Portrait Sittings  


Josonia Palaitis has been painting commissioned portraits since the early 1980's.

Her method and style of portrait painting is suited for today's busy lifestyle.

Palaitis holds meetings known as 'sittings' either in the subject's environment, at her Sydney art studio or a combination of both.

The artist takes a variety of photos of the subject.  From these she develops several watercolour studies which show possibilities for the final painting.  She is happy to discuss these ideas before beginning work on the portrait canvas.

After taking the required photographs she paints the portrait entirely in her studio using the photographs as reference.

Josonia Palaitis paints her portraits in oils and works for several months on one painting at a time.  This dedication to painting a major work and the often subtle processes involved, allow her a meaningful connection with the subject and enables her to portray a true sense of character.

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