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Official Unveiling of Childers Memorial Portrait

October 2002

On October 26 2002, Jo Palaitis will be in Childers, Queensland for the official unveiling of her group portrait, commissioned by the Isis Shire Council.  The Memorial Portrait is in memory of those who tragically perished in the Palace Backpackers Hostel fire in October of 2000.

The artwork took almost four months to complete and became one of the most technically challenging and emotionally charged portraits that Palaitis has ever undertaken.

A representative of the families attending will unveil the painting, while the Palace Memorial Building housing the artwork will be opened by Queensland Premier, The Hon. Peter Beattie MP. The Deputy Prime Minister, The Hon. John Anderson MP will also be in attendance.

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In a very moving ceremony the portrait was unveiled with unanimous acclaim and enormous gratitude by the families of the victims. It now hangs in the Palace Memorial Building in Childers and already in the first months has become the focus for tens of thousands of visitors to this small Queensland town.


Childers Memorial Portrait by Josonia Palaitis

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