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In July 2007 Tweed River Art Gallery in conjunction with a Byron Bay based poetry group Dangerously Poetic ran a competition called "Portraits and the Pen".  Poets were invited to respond to a portraits selected from the gallery collection.

Janice Bostok's poem the going written in response to the portrait of John Mills painted by Josonia Palaitis was the winner of the people's choice award.  The poem was displayed beside the portrait during July and August.

Portrait of John Mills by Josonia Palaitis

the going

‘the going’ is different from ‘the coming’
the mind at full circle is sometimes
equal in thought and action but

the body matured by time becomes larger
until it begins to shrink and wither as
ageing fruit being drawn steadily towards

light which appears to come from within
a star about to crash burns brighter
for a short time before the flare goes out
over-shadowed  by an all consuming
enlightenment which will last for eternity 
a veined map on the right hand directs

him forward just as veins on the left
hand have indicated where he’s been both
now firmly pointing towards the next

step in time he goes willingly and with an
eager spirit into the unknown for those
left behind in the darkness of this earth

Janice M. Bostok
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