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Patrick Dodson, Yawuru Man

2008 Sydney Peace Prize

Patrick Dodson, known as the 'Father of Reconciliation", has been awarded the 2008 Sydney Peace Prize.  Dodson was the inaugural Chairman of the Council for Reconciliation a position he held for six years.

Josonia Palaitis met Pat Dodson in Canberra in 1997 to paint his portrait for the Archibald Prize.  This was during the final days of his chairmanship when the relationship with then Prime Minister John Howard and the indigenous community was deteriorating rapidly.  

Palaitis recalls: "We talked mostly about reconciliation and the importance of land to all aboriginal people.  I perceived a mood of ominous foreboding."

Portrait of Patrick Dodson, Yawuru Man by Josonia Palaitis  
Patrick Dodson, Yawuru Man

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Palaitis' portrait  of Dodson won the Peoples' Choice Award in the 1998 Salon des Refuses (Alternative Archibald).
It was also seen in the 1998 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.
The National Library of Australia bought the portrait for its Pictorial Collection.


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