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The relative of a client from 35 years ago contacted Artist Josonia Palaitis about having two of her oil paintings freshened up for Christmas.

Josonia Palaitis explained that usually the best person to speak to at the outset and to inspect an artwork is the artist because he or she knows as much about paint on surfaces as anybody; as well as knowing what methods and materials were used to create a particular work.

When the artworks arrived in her studio she was able to determine that it would not be a complicated procedure requiring expensive art conservation.

Both paintings responded well to careful cleaning of the surfaces (yes...oil paintings can be washed carefully with simple soap and water) and one work required a some spot retouching.


                    We've Got It All, Lavender Bay by Josonia Palaitis signed Mills

The paintings were among her earliest after her student days at National Art School, East Sydney Technical College (1968 - 1972).  The large photo realist oil painting We've Got It All, Lavender Bay 1976 was signed Mills as she was known then by her maiden name (Jo Mills).  It was hung in the City Heritage Exhibition.

Palaitis was pleasantly surprised at how well this painting looked after 35 years.  "My first reaction was 'Wow! I didn't realize I was that good back then.' " she said.

This painting now has an historical factor.  The boats, the bridge and the three palm trees are still the same today.  But the building scape behind is unrecognisable.

The client was very happy with how bright both paintings looked having explained that they had been hung in a smoked filled environment for many years until she acquired them.

It was a good start to the festive season.

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